“BM TRADA’s QMark Job Registration app is offered free to members of our QMark schemes. It allows maintainers to easily register fire door installations, fire stopping installations or fire door maintenance activities on the job.”

Requirements Overview

  • User authentication.
  • Create new sites in the app or download existing sites from your web account.
  • Create fire door installation, fire stopping installation and fire door maintenance reports.
  • Download existing fire door maintenance reports from your web account.
  • Record doors, seal components and doorset surveys in your reports.
  • Capture a “responsible person’s” signature in-app.
  • Mark reports as ‘complete’ and ‘Mail’ them out to their primary contacts when you have internet connect. ‘Mailing’ a report uploads it to your web account and sends an email certificate to the primary contact.
  • Mail reports in bulk by dispatching them in a queue.
  • General integration with BM TRADA’s existing backend REST API.
  • iPhone and Android Smartphone compatible.


  • Appcelerator Titanium – x-Platform
  • Crashlytics – Crash Reporting
  • Git – SCM
  • Bitbucket – DVCS
  • Behave.js – Unit Test Framework
  • JIRA – Issue Tracking