Teach your child about the world around them. Through science children are able analyse, explore and investigate processes relevant to their surroundings. Science encourages development and critical thinking but in order to inspire children to engage in scientific activities we need to make learning fun!

Requirements Overview

  • Teachers can play through a series of scientific experiments with their Students.
  • Users can navigate through the experiments via an interactive map.
  • Different segments of the map are highlighted; these can be tapped to review a list of required equipment and start the experiment.
  • Various sprites in the interactive map animate dynamically.
  • Experiments consist of a series of steps. The app is designed to support a variety of different step types, including: images, videos and interactive steps.
  • Interactive steps allow users to record data from the experiment; for example, in the ‘Salt Water Density’ experiment there are 3 steps where the position of an egg can be recorded in a virtual glass.
  • Once all the steps in an experiment are complete, the user is challenged to win a prize by answering a scientific quiz question.
  • The prize is a lab item that, if won, is added to their personal laboratory.
  • Users can admire the winnings in their lab at any time.
  • Once an experiment is complete, it’s map segment is ticked off.
  • The look and feel for the app was specified in a detailed design specification, which covered everything from the typography to the sprite animations.
  • We also consulted regularly with academics at the University to put together the scientific content.


  • Cocoa APIs – Foundation, UIKit, etc.
  • Objective-C, ARC.
  • Xcode 6 – IDE.
  • Fabric.io – Beta Testing.
  • Crashlytics – Crash Reporting.
  • Specta – BDD Testing Framework.
  • Expecta – Assertion Framework.
  • OCMock – Mocking Framework.
  • BlocksKit – Block Utility Categories.
  • CocoaPods – Dependency Management.
  • Git – SCM.
  • BitBucket – DVCS.
  • JIRA – Issue Tracking.
  • ItunesConnect – Deployment.