“Rainbit is the todo list app that allows you to organise, sort and search your data by colour. It gives you the freedom to organise things in a completely personal and expressive way, without restriction.”

Requirements Overview

  • Users can create todos which are displayed in one long list.
  • Users can paint these todos by drag/dropping colours from the palette onto them.
  • Users automatically sort these todos into a rainbow by toggling the Rainbow Sort button.
  • Users can filter these todos by either typing the name of the colours into the search bar at the top, for example ‘blue’, or drag/dropping todos of a specific colour and colours from the pallet into the filter underneath the search bar.
  • Helpful tutorial guide.


  • Cocoa APIs – Foundation, CoreData, UIKit, etc.
  • XCTest – Unit/Integration Testing
  • Xcode 5 – IDE
  • Objective-C, ARC
  • BetweenKit – Drag-and-drop Framework
  • Git – SCM
  • BitBucket – DVCS
  • JIRA – Issue Tracking
  • TestFlight – Beta Testing